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    Reasons Why A Husband Does Not Want To Have Sex With His Wife
    Books on The Female Brain; Reason #6 Weight gain and unhealthy eati. . Reasons #5 Undiagnosed medical condition; Solving sexual problems in your . of the most common reasons is to feel masculine again, to have a woman make him .

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    The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough
    But the standard medical literature uses the term intersex as a catch-all for three . and sometimes a uterus, but they also have at least partly masculine external . illuminating intersexuality with the light of scientific reason, he was beginning .

    Domestic violence - why men abuse women | Better Health Channel
    Nov 30, 2011 . Preferred health & Medical Information website in Australia; Approved by . The causes of domestic violence include deeply held beliefs about masculinity. Men who . Some of the reasons men do not seek out help include: .

    WHO | Gender and Genetics
    Most women are 46XX and most men are 46XY. . Gender, typically described in terms of masculinity and femininity, is a social . (37) Many intersex children have undergone medical intervention for health reasons as well as for sociological .

    Women in the workplace - AskMen
    The main reason why some women may resort to this technique is because men . with 43% of all medical students being female and women making up half of .

    Genders OnLine Journal - Masculinity without Men: Annamarie ...
    The history of female masculinity for this reason only slightly overlaps with the history . women which did not fold neatly into community and medical models of .

    Effects of Too Much Testosterone in Women | eHow.com
    Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone, which a woman's . A high level of testosterone usually indicates a medical abnormality or disease, and women with . production of semen and the development of masculine characteristics such . For these reasons, high testosterone can cause changes in a woman's .

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    Vindication - Author's Introduction - A ... - Women's History - About.com
    Indeed the word masculine is only a bugbear; there is little reason to fear that women will acquire too much courage or fortitude, for their apparent inferiority with .

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    Why Women should be Nurses and not Doctors
    women medical students at Edinburgh, and the medical profession's reaction . nurses, they were trying to break into an already highly competitive, masculine . Another possible reason for hostility towards women doctors might be that they .

    menopause - definition of menopause in the Medical dictionary - by ...
    Many women have irregular periods and other problems of "pre-menopause" for years. . prescribed, most women do not appear to have extreme masculine changes. . If for medical reasons surgery or radiation of the reproductive organs .

    1 The Medical History of Sex and Sexuality History of Medicine 668 ...
    Can frigidity in women best be cured by a pill, an analyst's couch, . Assignments that are late, for whatever reason, will be docked 5 points per day . William Lee Howard, “Effeminate Men, Masculine Women,” New York Medical Journal 71 .

    Sexuality & Modernity: Victorian Sexuality
    How could a discourse based on reason speak like that? 21 . The Lancet medical journal in 1887 estimated that there were approximately 80000 prostitutes in London. . women's sexuality, expressed as a threat to public rational masculinity.

    Promiscuity Differs by Gender
    Men and women are hard-wired for promiscuity -- short-term sex -- but must we obey our brains? . Other search tools:Symptoms|Doctors|Medical Dictionary . They look for physically attractive men who have masculine facial features. Women .

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    Medical students\' perspectives on gender and smoking: A mixed ...
    Among reasons for women for not smoking by the majority was that it was . economic independence, image and masculinity) and social norms relating to .

    clitoris: Definition from Answers.com
    The clitoris is a tiny organ which even the woman to whom it belongs may find . According to this, clitoral stimulation was immature and masculine in its nature . There are, of course, various legitimate medical reasons for operating on this .

    Androgen Women | Symptoms of Androgen | Androgen Deficiency ...
    Both men's and women's bodies produce androgens, just in differing amounts. . and have a somewhat "masculine build," with square shoulders and narrow hips. A thorough medical history and physical examination provide the most . For this reason, Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend against .

    The female leadership advantage: An evaluation of the evidence
    We suggest reasons for this rise and argue that organizations can capture the . masculine terms for male leaders or in more feminine terms for female leaders.

    Honestly curious... Why are some homosexual women attracted to ...
    Oct 19, 2010 . Please be aware this sub is not a substitute for real legal or medical help. . There are many men who prefer masculine women, just as there are women who prefer . ita. Boobs are at least 90% of the reason I'm a lesbian.

    Homosexuality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Scientific and medical understanding is that sexual orientation is not a choice, but rather a . difficult for researchers to estimate reliably for a variety of reasons. . to female-bodied persons would have masculine attributes, and vice versa.

    Vasectomy Information
    Another common misconception is that after vasectomy, men become less masculine. . In common with all medical procedures, as well as the benefits there are risks . the risks of female sterilization, previous medical history and the reliability of . their own reasons, and men that are pressurized into having a vasectomy by .

    Answers to your Questions About Transgender People, Gender ...
    Gender identity refers to a person's internal sense of being male, female, or . This process of transition through medical intervention is often referred to as sex or . that are neither masculine nor feminine, such as “zie” instead of “he” or “she, ” or . a child who appears to be gender-nonconforming for a variety of reasons.

    Squashed Philosophers Abridged Editions - Wollstonecraft - Rights ...
    Women might study medicine, politics and business. . women to become more masculine and respectable, though there is little reason to fear that women will .

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    BBC - History - World Wars: Shell Shock during World War One
    Mar 10, 2011 . Battlefield breaking points; Medical symptoms; Defining trauma . his reason but was labouring under the weight of too much reason. . In all instances, occupational training and the inculcation of 'masculinity' were highly recommended. . Female Malady: Women, Madness and English Culture 1830- 1980 .

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    Steroids - The Truth about Steroids
    People on high doses of steroids for medical reasons can die from chest . strong masculinisation effects on women and sometimes feminisation effects on men. But all anabolic steroids will increase masculine characteristics such as thick .

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    Pro and con on circumcision - Los Angeles Times
    Jul 11, 2011 . Or a medically unnecessary and brutal procedure? . including hygiene, religion, cultural norms and beliefs about masculinity. . All people, male as well as female, are entitled to bodily integrity, and nobody — for any reason .

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    Does having a Y chromosome make someone a man? | Intersex ...
    For example, one physician educator on our Medical Advisory Board had the . the tip of the Y chromosome helps to send the embryo down the masculine pathway. . In terms of hormone effects on their bodies (including their brains), women . of XX chromosomes - can occur for a variety of reasons and overall is similar in .

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