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    Human Respiratory System and Lungs; How They Work
    Feb 20, 2010 . Your trachea then divides into air passages called bronchial tubes. . cilia stop functioning properly, causing health problems like bronchitis.

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    Bronchial Pneumonia Can Be Deadly
    Bronchial tubes are especially prone to problems in people with asthma or . as 10% of babies will experience Bronchiolitis, which is very similar to bronchial .

    Congenital anomalies of the esophagus and trachea - Clinical ...
    Since the esophagus is in two segments, liquid that a baby swallows cannot pass . Also, ingested liquids may spill over into the bronchial tubes and cause .

    Respiratory System in Myotonic Dystrophy - Myotonic Dystrophy ...
    These issues may result from muscle weakness (diaphragm, abdominal, intercostals . can cause chemical injury and inflammation in the lungs and bronchial tubes. . Respiratory issues are the principal cause of death in newborns with .

    British Lung Foundation | Home | Bronchiectasis
    When your bronchial tubes get damaged, they cannot clean themselves. Mucus builds up, spilling over into other tubes. These tubes are then more likely to be .

    Home Remedies for Bronchitis, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment ...
    The bronchial tubes are the small air passages that connect the nasal . are best administered for children, kids and babies with natural care, as opposed to with . Respiratory System | Respiratory Problems | Respiratory System Diseases .

    snopes.com: Baby Oil Danger
    Sep 11, 2011. or suffered debilitating respiration problems after aspirating baby oil. . baby oil into the lungs and the oil began coated the bronchial tubes .

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    How to Treat Bronchitis in Babies | eHow.com
    Bronchitis in babies is a result of swollen, inflamed bronchial tubes. . Monitor your baby while treating for bronchitis to make sure he is not having problems .

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    CHEO - Tell Me About Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD)
    In most cases, BPD occurs after babies have required extra oxygen and/or a mechanical ventilator to treat their original lung problem. . The lungs consist of airways (also known as bronchial tubes, or bronchi), and air sacs (also known as .

    Home Remedies for Bronchitis, Bronchitis Symptoms, Treatment
    Aug 25, 2011 . Bronchitis is a disease in which a patient's bronchial tube . Excessive smoking causes a breathing problem, chest pain and lead to bronchitis. . I took one of your recommended home remedies and slept like a baby.

    Food Allergy Symptoms For A 9-month-old | LIVESTRONG.COM
    4 days ago . Swelling around the baby's mouth or lips can lead to breathing difficulties if the throat and bronchial tubes also narrow. A baby with breathing .

    Meconium Aspiration Syndrome in the Newborn - Krames Online -
    What Is the Problem? When meconium gets into the baby's lungs, the airways ( bronchial tubes) inside the lungs become inflamed (red and swollen). This makes .

    Lung Development and Breathing Disorders | Definition and Patient ...
    The air sacs (alveoli) at the ends of the bronchial tubes are formed last and continue . The unborn baby, who is suspended in fluid, does not need lungs yet . In addition to obstructive disorders, infants sometimes suffer from problems with the .

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    Asthma in Infants - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ...
    Although asthma can cause severe health problems, in most cases treatment can . These branched tubes are the bronchi, and they divide further into smaller tubes . A baby's fussy behavior could mean many things; however, toddlers and .

    A New Language | Little Steps
    Audiologist: person who specialises in hearing problems, tests for hearing loss . Bronchioles: These smaller tubes branch off from your baby's bronchial tubes.

    cystic fibrosis
    Some people with CF have serious lung and digestive problems. . The baby will not have CF but will be a CF carrier like its parents. . Bronchiectasis is a lung disease in which the bronchial tubes, or large airways in the lungs, become .

    Bronchitis naturist treatment - Acute bronchitis natural cure - Asthma ...
    Bronchitis is an inflammation or obstruction in the bronchial tubes. . in those who also have chronic respiratory disease or other debilitating health problems.

    Respiratory Diseases In Children Under 5 | Allergy and Asthma ...
    The lower respiratory system refers to the bronchial tubes and lungs. Among . Allergies are frequently to blame for breathing problems, especially during a .

    Cystic Fibrosis Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment on MedicineNet ...
    One of the first signs of cystic fibrosis (CF) that parents may notice is that their baby's skin . The mucus builds up in your lungs and blocks your airways—the tubes that . the balance of minerals in your blood and cause a number of health problems. . Bronchiectasis is a condition in which the bronchial tubes of the lung .

    Lungs and Respiratory System
    Your Baby's Growth . About the Lungs and Respiratory System; Trachea and Bronchi; What the . divides into left and right air tubes called bronchi, which connect to the lungs. . The most common problems of the respiratory system are: .

    HealthyChildren.org - Diagnosing Asthma in Very Young Children
    Jan 7, 2011 . One of the difficulties of diagnosing asthma in babies and toddlers is that . problem is in the bronchial tubes, which cannot be seen very well in .

    Respiratory Problems, Age 11 and Younger
    Aug 3, 2011 . Discusses respiratory problems that babies and children can have. . The lower respiratory system includes the bronchial tubes and lungs.

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    Treating Asthma in Babies and Younger Children: Healthwise ...
    Mar 17, 2011 . Babies and small children need early treatment for asthma . more serious problems than adults because their bronchial tubes are smaller.

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    Bronchitis - chronic bronchitis symptoms, acute bronchitis - Patient ...
    Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, or bronchi, . People with chronic bronchitis also have varying degrees of breathing difficulties.

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    New Dad w/ preemie - Discussion - Preemie Support Community - Inspire
    What can we expect with the normal aspects of caring for a baby? . Basically, preemies have narrower bronchial tubes and less . And with help and time, they will hopefully make progress so that the problems are resolved.

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    meconium aspiration syndrome
    Meconium is often passed by the baby before delivery, in response to the . These chunks of crud cause blockage of the bronchi (breathing tubes). . The other major problem is the tendency for ball-valve type obstruction of the brochial tubes.

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